Tuesday, March 11, 2008

NY Helmsley, Nice but far from what I expected.

I stayed here for 4 nights for a benefit show I was in. In the past for these events we have been put up at some ritzy places so I was expecting the best.
The staff was very friendly, and the first man we encountered went out of his way to help us back our car in properly, unloaded our bags and parked our car for us without any question.
Once we settled in though, we realized the small room had less than your average Hilton. The view was nice, we could see the Empire State Building which was beautiful at night, and there was a flat screen TV.
However, there was no coffee pot at all. There were very few electric outlets, we had a hard time plugging in all our cell phones. The bathroom was ridiculously small, which was quite the challenge when the entire family needs to get ready for the day. Also, the cups were plastic and disposable which I found odd for such an establishment and not very eco-friendly
The pillows were not that comfortable, and if you tossed and turned in bed they basically came unmade.
There was also one day where we came back to our room at almost 4:00 in the afternoon and our room had not been cleaned and our clock was never changed for daylight's savings time.

This is an ok place for a place to crash which is all we needed but even the location I was not crazy about. After our event we needed food and there was nowhere nearby we could go that was open! We didn't eat at the hotel restaurant but we did get Starbucks on more than one occasion, but that's near everything in NYC.

Overall- Not a bad place, nice people, but my stay at the Sheraton Manhattan was more enjoyable!

Overall Score: *** What I loved: Friendly staff, great view!
Not so much: No coffee maker, uncomfortable beds, small bathroom, expensive parking

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