Saturday, July 5, 2008

Paradise Cove, Malibu

Paradise Cove,  Malibu, CA 

I had lunch here while visiting my friend in los
 angeles. It was a beautiful drive, and the lunch
 was just as great! We were taken right to a table on the beach and got to eat
 with our feet in the sand. The service was surprisingly slow seeing as the place was not too crowded, but it was lunch time...

We all got salads, and I had "bob's Cobb" which was absolutely huge, but delicious and I was able to get the leftovers to go, so it was more than one meal for the price. The highlight was when a seagull started dining at the table next to us after the customers who were eating there left. Everyone was amused by him! 
 Beyond the slow service (we waited quite awhile for drinks and then after we ordered it was another lengthy period before our food actually came...) it was a gorgeous place to eat, with wonderful food. The perfect beach lunch! I'd definitely recommend it to anyone to try at least once!

Overall:  ****
Liked:  Great food, good atmosphere!
Disliked:  slow service...