Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ruby Foo's- NYC

Ruby Foo's-  Times Square

My family ate dinner here after arriving in the city (after an 8-10 hour drive in August with no air conditioner). We decided to just walk around Times Square and see what we could find and since we're big fans of sushi decided to try Ruby Foo's since it was close to our hotel (the Sheraton Manhattan). 

It was fairly crowded, but we didn't wait longer than 10 minutes, and the decor gave us plenty to look at to pass the time. We ordered drinks and appetizers, both of which came promptly and our waiter was lovely and talked to us about his theater career, and did not act rushed or anything. 

Our other courses came in reasonable time as well, an although I don't remember what we ordered I remember we were all very satisfied and did not leave hungry. The meal was a little pricey, but for a dinner right in Times Square, you're going to pay a little more.

My only complaint was that we were seated very close to other people and I felt like we were intruding on their conversation, but it could've been because the restaurant was busy. 

I would still go there again!

Overall:  **** (out of 5)
Liked:  Great food, good atmosphere.
Not so much:  not enough personal space!

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