Saturday, September 15, 2007

Lucerne Inn- You pay for the view...

Lucerne Inn, Holden, ME

I stayed here just overnight for a meeting, and really the best thing about the place is the scenery.

We ended up not needing all the rooms we booked (they had us all in our own rooms and it was easier for some people to share) and they wouldn't do anything about it, we had rooms and money that was wasted.

The rooms are beautiful with jacuzzi tubs and fireplaces, so as long as you don't go to bed, you're fine because the beds are terrible.

Also- the food was very disappointing. The pasta at dinner was very bland and dry and our lunch was practically inedible. we ended up asking for more pickles because they were the best thing we had! I ordered the quesadillas and it was simply cheese and black beans thrown in a tortilla, and it honestly looked like it had been just put in the microwave. I've made better things on my quesadilla maker at home! Very upsetting because everything sounded so good!

Definitely not worth the money. Do yourself a favor and just go to a Hilton or the Samoset for a great Maine getaway, this place is not worth it, unless all you want to do is stare out the window.

Overall Score: ** (2 stars)
What I loved: The view and the scenery!
Not So Much: he food, the rooms, the location


Justin said...

It seems we share similar feelings on the Lucerne Inn. My review is below:

We bought a very expensive package deal as an anniversary / new year present for ourselves on December 31, 2008. The package was for an executive suite, dinner, entertainment, brunch the following day, etc. Basically an excellent way to sample most of what this beautiful hotel has to offer.

We arrived on time to our dinner reservations and were left standing by the front desk and coat rack for twenty-five minutes, never once did anyone tell us we could have a seat in the lounge. The dining room was so cold and drafty we never could take our jackets off. The service was SLOW, it took over two hours to complete the meal and that was with us taking the deserts to go! The menu you get at the 'special package meals' is significantly smaller than what is offered on the website, also several of the entrees listed were unavailable by the time we got there. The steak was, without any doubt or exaggeration, the worst steak I have ever seen. You could get a better steak at Denny's. The Drinks were overpriced, the atmosphere was extremely loud, louder than most local sports bars.

After dinner we realized the true scope of the lies we were told at the time we booked the room. The 'executive suite' turned out to be a plain room with paper thin walls on the third floor with no elevator. You park out back by the utility shop too, at least that's where we were told to park. The noise from the entertainment downstairs was unbelievably loud and you could easily hear every word of conversation from nearby rooms. The bed was very poor, the accommodations were new but not special by any means, not for what you pay. Any room in the local Hampton Inn has more character than this place. Let me go back a minute to make sure you understand the noise level in these rooms.... We were told when making the reservations that we would be able to hear the entertainment. That went beyond understatement straight to boldface lie. Conversation, sleep, or watching TV is nearly impossible in the rooms when there is 'entertainment' going on.

When we ventured into the 'entertainment' area we encountered a wet bar with lots of alcohol being served and partying going on. Not a surprise for New Years with the exception that there was a three year old kid running around! The DJ was pretty good and the partiers who had apparently not been bothered by spending WAY TOO MUCH for what they were getting seemed to be enjoying themselves. We managed to get to sleep some time after 2am when the last of the drunken partiers finished fighting and yelling at her husband and apparently passed out.

The following morning we decided to skip the third round of pain and just leave without spending another frigid hour or two at their brunch. The folks at the front desk lied and acted as if we were crazy when we explained what we thought of the place, they were not accommodating about refunding us for our troubles either. Hopefully readers of this review will heed our warning and not make the same mistake we did. This place is not worth the money they charge for the rooms or the meals.

Princess Malphaba said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Justin! Yes, I was very disappointed because the area is beautiful! Such a letdown, but there are definitely better places in Maine to stay!