Monday, January 26, 2009

Point Lookout! Breathtaking

Point Lookout!
Northport, Maine

The last weekend in January, my agency held a conference at Point Lookout in northern Maine. In years prior, this annual event had been held at the Samoset, but it was time for a change, and we thought this would provide a wonder retreat experience, while providing sufficient accommodations and services for a conference.

We were not let down!
Getting there was quite a drive, but it went quickly since the scenery got increasingly beautiful as we got closer to Northport.

At first the facility was a little difficult to navigate since everything is spread out over the mountain in different buildings, but it got easier as the conference progressed.
We checked into our "luxury 2 bedroom cabin" and really would've been content to just stay there for the weekend. The bedrooms both had large, comfortable queen beds and their own adjoining bathroom (each with a shower).

There was also a spacious kitchen area with a dining room table large enough for an entire family to have a meal together.

The hardwood floors started off chilly, but warmed up quickly when we turned on the heat and the small gas fireplace in the living room.

Such a different setting from a classic hotel room, but still definitely luxury and oh so cozy during the winter!

The conference facilities were just as lovely. The keynote speakers took place in a gorgeous ballroom with a surrounding glass window with a view of the mountain. It was absolutely breathtaking when the sun was just peaking over the horizon. The other rooms had wonderfully comfortable chairs and great tables that made me feel like I was at a big city exec meeting. The lobbies all had cozy fireplaces and large comfortable chairs. Every room had atmosphere and provided such a great vibe of warmth.

In addition to the fabulous accomodations, all of the food was wonderful. The breakfast was very filling (I've had some terrible conference "breakfasts") with fresh fruit and several kinds of bagels, croissants and pasteries. The lunches, cocktail hours and dinners we had also exceeded my expectations and I never left a meal still feeling hungry! It was clear that great was put into every aspect of this resort

My one only small gripe was that the lodging was down the mountain from the actual location of the conference events (which were at the top of the mountain in the "summit" We ended up driving back and forth a lot, which was a little frustrating since it was very cold and windy. Beyon that however, I would definitely return to Point Lookout, either for a conference or just a relaxing weekend get away. No matter the season, this place could definitely provide a wonderful retreat!

I give it: **** (4 out of 5 stars)

Liked: great food, great accommodations
Not so much: It's definitely a trick to make mountain layout user friendly and accessible!